NORMAN, OK: A Thorough Recap

Nachos. Chili Cheese Nachos. Chicken Cheese Nachos. Too many nachos. We had no idea Bison Witches Bar would make their servings so big. They were wonderful, but we ordered too much. At least there were some post-show leftovers.

Just before that bout of over-eating, we had taken a look inside Guestroom Records where our album was on the listening station! Exciting stuff.

Then it was off to the wonderfully DIY “micro venue”, Opolis. Andy and Marian were incredibly inviting. After loading our gear in–and rushing over to the CVS to get some new D batteries for the Q-Chord–we hopped (read: crammed) into a green 1977 VW Vanagon out back for a VDub Session:

Thanks so much to the crew (and safe driver!) for making that session a very memorable experience. we’d do it again in a second…

Our show at Opolis with Peter Wolf Crier was a lot of fun, as well, mostly thanks to the great people in the crowd. For a thorough recap of the show and a heaping helping of behind the scenes insight, check out this post on OKC.NET!